We are in an era where employers need their brokers to be doing more than just renewing insurance plans. With all the challenges of navigating HIPAA, ERISA, COBRA, and ACA (aka. Healthcare Reform), why aren't you being helped?

At Radwick & Lightle we have partnered with an award winning company that offers more than just a "help line." Our clients recieve:

  • A team of Senior Level HR experts standing by to answer your questions and provide answers
  • A library of training solutions to meet your organization's needs
  • Job Description & Employee Handbook Builder
  • Performance Review Tools
  • Downloadable forms and tools
  • Compliance & certificate training
    • Safety
    • Ethics
    • Wellness
    • Customer Service
    • Workplace Skills
    • Human Resources
    • Performance Management
    • Environmental Compliance

When your organization works with Radwick & Lightle, you get much more than a broker, you recieve invaluable resources, a trusted advisor and advocate to help you run your business.