Insurance Benefits

Whether you represent a small business, non-profit, large corporation or a start-up with a large future ahead; having insurance benefits is a big deal in the competitive marketplace to attract talent. An even bigger deal is how you will manage onboarding, HR, compliance, reporting, benefits, deductions. Good news, you know us!


It Is Not Just Health Insurance, It Is More

There are almost 50 different combinations and types of health insurance solutions available to small and large employers.


Radwick & Lightle has been our broker of choice for over 10 years! They have saved our business and employees hundreds of thousands by representing us well and negotiating with our insurance carriers.

— Jessica, CEO of A.U.V.

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10 Questions Your Broker Doesn’t Want You to Ask

There is just “stuff” your broker is not telling you that would keep you up at night if you did know.


More Than Just a Portal


We have chosen to partner with an industry leader for a easy to use web and app based HR and benefits administration platform. As much as your needs and requirements evolve and change, your needs will be met with the growing number of built in solutions and available integrations with carriers and payroll providers.



Save Time and eliminate paperwork

Getting everything you need from your new hire is one thing; getting everything your new hire needs from you is another. Now make it so easy that everything can be done on a smartphone. From required documentation, W-4, I-9; to direct deposit information or custom documents to your business, there is is now a button for that.

Benefits Administration

Simplicity is the closest to GODLINESS, we think

Are you the super owner doing everything yourself or the “HR person” wearing twenty other hats? Now, you won’t miss anything again. Turns out managing eligibility and varying benefits for a diverse and fluctuating workforce is much more simple. Most employees make the majority of their financial decisions at work, and now you made it easier, maybe even fun, how did that happen?

HR, Compliance, Reporting

Notices, 1095, documentation, oh my!

Whether a business is or not required to offer benefits, employers are shouldered with the burden to “figure it all out” and do what is required if they benefits are offered. Depending on the size of a company, type of benefits and business locations; employers are required to furnish employees with a grocery list of documents that are required by the IRS, DOL, CMS, Health Exchange, State and City authorities. Now you can take a deep sigh of relief, because all of this is now a few clicks and e-signatures.

Integration & COBRA

More than just a solution, it talks

Managing benefits means you have to report changes to insurance carriers and your payroll service providers. Now reporting those changes can be automated using an API feed. Some carrier partners now bill clients directly through the platform; this provides accurate real-time benefits data and billing. When an employee is comes on board, leaves the company or their hours are reduced, COBRA notices, actions and management is done right and automated.