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Whether you represent a small business, non-profit, large corporation or a start-up with a large future ahead; having insurance benefits is a big deal and having a trusted broker adviser is equally important. Like most good things in life, everything begins with learning and understanding. Whether you a seasoned benefits administrator or brand new to benefits, we will always take a consultative approach to understanding your needs, creating solutions, and providing options.


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Dedicated to employee benefits means we work with all insurance carriers, use innovative solutions to manage cost, offer compliance services, and utilize streamlined solutions for benefits management; all backed by real people.

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Why Radwick & Lightle?

From our humble beginnings to where we are now, the value of people and relationships always come first. Our care for others has driven our ethos and business model to offer a consistent, objective and innovative approach to each and every challenge.

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Weekly Dispatches

Keep up to date with changes in legislation, new solutions and the industry of insurance benefits by following our blog. Though we lean on our HR and insurance carrier partners for the facts, we will shed light on confusing topics and simplify insurance terms, concepts and benefits to be understandable.

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It’s Not Just Health Insurance

There are almost 50 different combinations and types of health insurance solutions available to small and large employers.


Radwick & Lightle has been our broker of choice for over 10 years! They have saved our business and customers hundreds of thousands by representing us well and negotiating with our insurance carriers.

— Jessica, CEO of A.U.V.

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10 Questions Your Broker Doesn’t Want You to Ask

There is just “stuff” your broker is not telling you that would keep you up at night if you did know.