Day to day insurance questions and service needs can add up. Often searching for the answers we need on the internet or 800 service numbers can lead to misinformation or confusion.

What do you do as an employer when an employee tells you about a serious health issue and needs help resolving a claim? You know too much now and are likely out of compliance with HIPAA? This is a real challenge that most businesses face.  

Our Philosophy - "The needs of our customers come first." 

At Radwick & Lightle, we have created a culture that is customer-focused and we want you to know what to expect and receive:

  • Dedicated customer service for your business and employees

  • Employee confidentiality for HIPAA compliance

  • Answer individual employee and dependents inquiries regarding benefits, claims, and eligibility

  • No confusing automated systems to work through

  • Immediate response to request and continuous updates until resolved

  • Continuous group administration assistance

  • New employee enrollments, changes and terminations

  • Assistance with COBRA compliance, eligibility and communication

  • Consultative professional HR resources and service

These services are a direct reflection of our values.

Our Core Values

  • Be passionate for what we do

  • Tell the truth and do good

  • Empathize with our customers and their request for assistance

  • Patience for working through each individual's situation

  • Persistence to reach resolution

  • Desire to grow and improve by listening to our customers and asking for feedback