Customer Care

Day to day insurance questions and service needs can pile up. Searching for the answers we need on the internet can often lead to misinformation or confusion.

What do you as an employer do when an employee tells you about a serious health issue and needs help resolving a claim? You know too much now and are likely out of compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This is a real challenge that most businesses face.  

Our Philosophy - "The needs of our customers come first." 

At Radwick & Lightle, we have created a culture that is customer-focused. You can expect to receive these service which are a direct reflection of our values:

Our Core Values

Partially Self-Funded

Partially Self-Funded is the unique answer for employers trying to save money on the cost of health insurance. These programs are usually created by a third party administrator (TPA) who has pre-established vendors who will manage all aspects of the health plan including account management, the prescription drug plan, and stop-loss carrier(s). Employers are given a lot of flexibility in how their plans are designed including selecting which provider network to use (i.e. Aetna, Cigna/Great West, etc.).    

Another difference in partially self-funded insurance is in the name. The employer will have a fixed set of premiums for the entire policy year. They will pay a fixed amount for administration fees, individual stop-loss, aggregate stop-loss, and funding for the claims account to give a total fixed cost per employee and their dependents.

Some of the characteristics of partially self-funded are:

Ancillary Insurance

A vital aspect of any company's employee benefit programs is the other possible lines of insurance beyond health. One of the main reasons employers are finding it harder and harder to attract and retain the best talent is the benefits they offer and the benefits they don’t offer. 

Dental, vision, life, disability, and other lines of insurance and benefits are more than just expenses to an organization. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in Forbes Magazine, employees feel happier and more appreciated when more benefits are offered by their employer.

At Radwick & Lightle, we leverage our relationships in the marketplace to ensure our clients receive the best rates and coverage. We also try to bundle as many lines of coverage as possible to get multiple-line discounts.

Types of Insurance: 

We don’t just install benefits. We assess: